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Saved by Francisco L. Compas Jr.
on April 16, 2010 at 4:42:11 pm


                                     Welcome to my PB works..


      NAME: Francisco L.Compas Jr.

 SCHOOL: De La Salle-CSB

               COURSE: BS-Information Systems






Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Philippines








                                              Requirement and Case Study



douglas crockford

Java script: The Goods Parts

Business Process Innovation 

java script ex1

Java script ex2 

CSS(Navigation Bar)




VERTSOL  Requirement

95 Thesis and Book Review


Case Study











ITETHIC Requirements:


Cotemporary Moral Problem




      1. James Rachels: 'Egoism and Moral Scepticism' 

     2.John Arthur: 'Religion, Morality and Conscience'    

     3.Friedrich Nietzche: 'Master and Slave Morality' 

       4. Mary Midgley: 'Trying Out One's New Sword' 

       5.John Stuart Mill: 'Utilitarianism' 

       6.James Rachels: 'The Debate over Utilitarianism' 

       7. Immanuel Kant: 'The Categorical Imperative'


      8.Aristotle: 'Happiness and Virtue'


     9.Joel Feinberg: 'The Nature and Value of Rights' 

      10. Ronald Dworkin: 'Taking Rights Seriuosly' 

      11.John Rawls: 'A Theory of Justice'

       12. Annette Baier: 'The Need for More Than Justice'



Case Study:

How to make Wealth by Paul Graham





Reaction Paper:

                                              MLK Symposium: C. K. Prahalad

                                                                                           Natalie Dyna Case Study:



                                                                          Casas  Bahia        

                                                                        Casia Bahia 12 innovation


Code of Ethics Strength and Weaknesses


IEEE Code of Ethics

                                                              EFF Issues Flashcards

                                                              Case Voxica

                                                             Frame Work of Ethic(ToolKit)

                                                            Book Reviews (3 Books about Ethics)



                                                             Bruce Schneier( Flashcarddb)


                                                         The Authority of God's Law Today 

                                   Cyberspace law for non-lawyers


                                  Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors























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