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Saved by Francisco L. Compas Jr.
on March 15, 2010 at 3:57:08 pm


                                     Welcome to my PB works..


      NAME: Francisco L.Compas Jr.

 SCHOOL: De La Salle-CSB

               COURSE: BS-Information Systems




Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Philippines








                                              Requirement and Case Study



douglas crockford

Java script: The Goods Parts

Business Process Innovation 

java script ex1

Java script ex2 

CSS(Navigation Bar)




VERTSOL  Requirement

95 Thesis and Book Review


Case Study











ITETHIC Requirements:


Cotemporary Moral Problem




      1. James Rachels: 'Egoism and Moral Scepticism' 

     2.John Arthur: 'Religion, Morality and Conscience'    

     3.Friedrich Nietzche: 'Master and Slave Morality' 

       4. Mary Midgley: 'Trying Out One's New Sword' 

       5.John Stuart Mill: 'Utilitarianism' 

       6.James Rachels: 'The Debate over Utilitarianism' 

       7. Immanuel Kant: 'The Categorical Imperative'


      8.Aristotle: 'Happiness and Virtue'


     9.Joel Feinberg: 'The Nature and Value of Rights' 

      10. Ronald Dworkin: 'Taking Rights Seriuosly' 

      11.John Rawls: 'A Theory of Justice'

       12. Annette Baier: 'The Need for More Than Justice'



Case Study:

How to make Wealth by Paul Graham





Reaction Paper:

                                              MLK Symposium: C. K. Prahalad

                                                                                           Natalie Dyna Case Study:



                                                                          Casas  Bahia        

                                                                        Casia Bahia 12 innovation


Code of Ethics Strength and Weaknesses



                                                         Book Reviews (3 Books about Ethics)
























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