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Page history last edited by Francisco L. Compas Jr. 10 years, 7 months ago


Francisco L. Compas Jr.

Sherwin Angto

Unilab Fun run


1.)    Yes (Sherwin): Because the run is good to our health at same time it is fun.

 No (Francis): Because the registration is too expensive for the in the middle class.

2.)    Yes (Francis): Because it’s unique style of endorsing product.

No (Sherwin): Because there are too many companies do this kind of activity.

3.)    Yes (Sherwin): Because they target The Fort for the venue of the fun run and people are not that many.

No (Francis): Because this kind of activity is not applicable to other places like Basilan.

4.)    Yes (Francis): Because the activity is organize theirs a rule and regulation to follow.

No (Sherwin): Because people can dispose their garbage anywhere.

5.)    Yes (Sherwin): Because the function of this run is run for a cause to help other especially the poor.

No (Francis): Because this activity just people can afford how about the poor people they want to join but they don’t have money for the registration.

6.)    Yes (Francis): Because the combine the CRM and CHR in one event which is run for a cause.

No (Sherwin): Because they have no assurance to catch the attention of customer to buy their product.

7.)    Yes (Sherwin): Because even though you’re not physically fit but you can still run.

No (Francis): Because their work can cause of delayed instead they will finish it to g o to fun run.

8.)    Yes (Francis): Because they will be educated to be healthy.

No (Sherwin): Because anyone can run.

9.)    Yes (Sherwin): Because people knows what are the benefit if they will join this activity.

No (Francis): Because some of participant can dispose their waste anywhere that can cause pollution. 

10.) Yes (Francis): Because the event is unique in terms of promoting their product in less cost way.    

No (Sherwin): Because some of participant can dispose their waste anywhere that can cause pollution. 

11.) Yes (Sherwin): Because the innovation of product is highly dispersed in rural market its open for the entire event to gain funs the purpose by helping the poor people.

    No (Francis): Because speaking of innovation we must unique to other in this event there are company do this activity.

12.) Yes (Francis): Because the features and functions is unique compare to other they give gadget and the product to the participant unlike other there’s no souvenir to for their participant.

       No (Sherwin): Because there’s no assurance all of  their participant are interested with their product.

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