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Natalie Dyna Case Study:

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Francisco L. Compas Jr.

Ryan Mendoza




1.)  Utilitarian View:


 Right: Natalie is right to sell her virginity to any bidder’s base on the utilitarian view greatest happiness qualitative of pleasure. Base in the situation both of the two have a Liberty to choose their happiness for the Natalie side she happy because they earn money to sustain and finance her master’s degree and to help her family. For the bidder’s side he also happy because they get what they want and his ego have been boosted or reinforce.


Wrong: Natalie is wrong to sell her virginity to any bidder’s according to the utilitarian view the greatest happiness or the greatest number of people base on situation didn’t conceived in relation of mankind for the parent and the wife of the bidder it’s an immoral act in the eye of the public.


2.) Kantian view (categorical imperative)

Right: In Natalie is right to sell her virginity base on Kantian view it a duty because the family on Natalie are not rich the quality of life are not stable the parent cannot afford to sent his/her children that why Natalie force to sell her virginity for the sake for her studies and to help her family.

Wrong: Base on Kantian view Natalie Dylan is wrong to sell her virginity form the bidder’s according to Kantian the good will is judgment and any talent of the mind we may care our name in that point Natalie offer her virginity to anybody they sell dignity and honor aside from that Natalie is practical women they do that for his own good and her future she didn’t think the consequences about her family.


3.) Nietzscheian view (master and slave morality)

Right: Natalie Dyna is right to sell her virginity base on Nietzscheian view for the bidder’s is master morality because they have a money he belong to the top of the pyramid these strong-willed men, the 'good' is the noble, strong and powerful, if you have a money you a power to buy anything you want for the Natalie she is belong to slave morality obviously she  belong to poverty line.


Wrong: Base Nietzscheian view Natalie is wrong in this case in order to be part in the top pyramid you need to pursued your self to competitive it doesn’t mean you sell you’re your body in order to earn money and to be part of the top pyramid according Nietzscheian view you will performed base in your good virtue and open-mindedness, courage, truthfulness, trust and an accurate sense of self-worth.



4.) Aristotleian view (Golden Mean)

Right: Natalie is right base on in the Aristoleian view happines accordance to your vertue in the case of Natalie auction her verginitity for some reason  first  to cotinue her study second to help their family Natalie do that thing for some reason unlike other they do that for just fun.

Wrong: Natalie is wrong although she doing that for a reason for me there’s other option to earn money without selling your dignity.

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